Kalamazoo Muay Thai, Now Offering In-Person Classes!

Get a Life-Changing Adult & Teen Muay Thai Class in Kalamazoo... COMPLETELY FREE!

“So fun it’s addicting!” Our amazing Muay Thai program is now offering In-Person Classes in Kalamazoo! Burn fat & build lean muscle, fast. Plus it’s so much fun!

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Adult & Teen Muay Thai Classes | Trinity Martial Arts

Powerful Self-Defense Keeps You Safe.

It’s not just a workout — it’s a life-saving skill. Learn how to protect yourself and your loved ones, even if an attacker is bigger and stronger than you.

People all over Kalamazoo turn to us for their Self-Defense training.

No Experience Required!

Never thrown a kick in your life? Or a punch? No problem. Most of our members in  Kalamazoo started out just like you. And like them, before you know it, you’ll look & feel like a pro.

Adult & Teen Muay Thai Classes | Trinity Martial Arts
Adult & Teen Muay Thai Classes | Trinity Martial Arts

Burn Fat. Build Lean Muscle. Fast.

Muay Thai will work your body in totally new ways. You’ll build muscles you never even knew you had. That’s what people all over Kalamazoo are discovering.

Get a Life-Changing Adult & Teen Muay Thai Class in Kalamazoo... COMPLETELY FREE!

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Plus, you’ll gain…

Full Body Fitness

Our Kalamazoo  adult classes work you from head to toe, in every class. Build muscle and burn fat everywhere.

Core & Ab Strength

Nearly every technique starts at your core. Your core will get stronger, which can also alleviate back, neck, leg, and shoulder pain. A lot of times pain comes from the rest of our body making up for our cores.


As you master our Adult techniques you may have thought were impossible, make friends, smash your goals, and get fit, your confidence will soar. This pours into your relationships, your career, your friendships, and your family life.

Stress Relief

Fewer things in life melt stress more than . Come with all your troubles, leave care free.


In our Kalamazoo training, your practice and hard work builds focus & discipline. This discipline lets you get more done in your life outside our school, too. Become a well-oiled, focused machine in your career and at home.


One of the focuses of our Kalamazoo Studio is to unite adults from all over Kalamazoo. We support each other, cheer each other on, and help each other grow. Our tight knit community will welcome you openly. We can’t wait.

Mentorship & Guidance

Our instructors care. A lot. They’ll help you dig deep to find the strength and courage to tackle your goals and discover your strength. Martial arts has provided guidance for millions of adults over thousands of years. Now you get to experience this too.


Our classes are packed with action & fun. The more fun you have, the more you want to train, and the faster you get results. Every class is full of smiles and laughter. 

Get a Life-Changing Adult & Teen Muay Thai Class in Kalamazoo... COMPLETELY FREE!

Adult & Teen Muay Thai Classes | Trinity Martial Arts

What can our Kalamazoo adult program help you with?

"Their main instructor is super funny. His humor often makes the environment a calm and more enjoyable place to train regularly. 100/10"
"Very welcoming gym, everyone is extremely friendly. The instructors are knowledgeable and break down each techniques so they are easy to learn."
"They truly make me feel part of the team! no pressure environment. 1000% recommend! "
"Feels like family even from day 1. super helpful and instructive."
"The gym truly excels at competitive jiu-jitsu but the best part is that you will not be pressured or mistreated if you're just looking for casual workouts and knowledge of self-defense."
"A place where strangers become teammates, teammates become friends, and friends become family."
"Very professional beautiful facility good technique and application good camaraderie"

It's the will. Not the skill.

Build Self-Discipline

Your starting fitness and skill levels don’t matter – as long as you put in the effort in every class, you’ll see results.

Gain Confidence

When you step out of your comfort zone in our classes, you allow space for unshakable confidence to grow.

Improve Focus

Mindfulness practices don’t go away when you step off the mat. The skills you gain in class flow into everything you do.

Adult & Teen Muay Thai Classes | Trinity Martial Arts

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers about our Adult Program in [spark_fiels id='city']

Definitely not!  You will get fit, you will burn off unwanted calories, you will find it an awesome stress relief.  But BORING, it is NOT!

The variety, challenge and the feeling of accomplishment when you master a self defense skill or technique is why students love our Kalamazoo Muay Thai classes at Trinity Martial Arts.

But we find it’s the friendships and fun that keep students coming back.  It’s like their second family.  Why not find out for yourself.  Book in for our limited time offer on this page!

Not at all.  In fact, many students starting in our Muay Thai classes would describe themselves like that before they started.  So you will fit right in!

Give yourself some time, and you will be astounded at how much you improve!  You’ll find that our very experienced martial arts Instructors, are trained to keep their teaching simple.  So even the most uncoordinated person will develop ‘ninja-like’ skills!  Come see for yourself!

Get a Life-Changing Adult & Teen Muay Thai Class in Kalamazoo... COMPLETELY FREE!